I live in The Cloud with Mrs Naut and our two Nauty children.

It’s nice up here but I wish I could get out more.

I spend all day being forced by The Man to organise, prioritise and all those other -ises, so when at home I don’t feel at all guilty flitting from one project to another according to whim or interest. So, some projects will lie dormant for months in what I like to call ‘the chrysalis phase’: safe in a box under my desk, waiting for a warming ray of sunshine to complete them. Sometimes that warming ray is just the box breaking up as I toss it into a skip, but this small tragedy is forgotten even as the box leaves my hands (before you ask, yes I can forget an event before it’s even happened – just ask Mrs Naut).

More about me:

Beliefs: orange, machines
Unbeliefs: instant coffee, beetroot
Shortcomings: less than 5
Strengths: more than 5

The site contains cussing where necessary. In the interests of a cleaner net, I will use phonetic spelling to confuse the youngsters.

One thought on “About


    hey bazza,
    you snoore alot and i hope the couch was comfy
    watch out for the crystal people – they are coming for you and the naughts!!!!!!!!
    smell you later!!!

    a person you know


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